Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because Girls Are Awesome.

Once a guy friend of mine told me what he thinks about a girl. So these are what guys mostly think about us. Check it out girls!

Girls, they're beutiful.
Girls, they're nice.
They're sensitive but girls, I can't understand you.


If I say you're pretty, you'll say you're not.
If I say someone is pretty, you'll get jealous.

If I say you're weak, you'll say you're strong.
If I treat you rough, you'll sream "im a lady!"

If I say you can't cook, you'll get angry.
If you cool, eeeeyeerkkss!

If I help you, you'll say im wooing.
If I dont, you 'll say im not a gentleman.

If I ask you out, you'll say you're not free.
If I dont, you'll say bad things about me.

If I phone you, you'll say im bothering you.
If iI dont, you'll say im not missing you.

If I give you a classy present, you'll say im showing off.
If I give you flower, you'll say im lack of ethics.

If I remember your birthday, you'll say its nothing.
If I dont, you'll cry without stopping.


If I say ILOVEYOU, you'll never give you're answer,
If I say I dont loveyou, I better prepare my answer.
Girls, I dont know how to understand you. BUT without you, I dont know what my life will be :)